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Thread: Jimmy Carrane's Art of Slow Comedy at Second City

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    Smile Get ready to do your best scene work yet.

    We all know what it is like to be in stuck in an improv rut.

    Doing the same kind of safe scene over and over again by making the same boring choices over and over again.

    We are bored and we can only guess how the audience feels.

    We know there is more out there. We just think we can not access it.

    In six weeks you will experience what it is like to be part of ensemble and begin improvising some of your best scene work yet.

    Going to place you could never imagined.
    Places you only see in movies and plays.

    This workshop is not for every one.

    It takes commitment.

    It takes trusting that the funny will come to you.

    It takes believing your are enough.

    If this is something you think you would be interested please read below.
    Thanks--Jimmy Carrane
    Co-author of Improvising Better

    The Art of Slow Comedy starts Saturday January 16th,
    from 1-4pm and runs for six weeks at The Second City Training Center.

    To register please call the Training Center at 312-664-3959.
    This workshop is Limited to 14 People. Cost for this workshop is $305.00
    For further questions please contact Jimmy

    Jimmy Carrane is co-author of Improvising Better: A Guide to the Working Improviser .
    He has taught at iOl-Chicago, The Annoyance and The Victory Gardens.
    He also the host of Studio 312 on Chicago Public Radio and performs every Wed. Night at The iO with Carl and The Passions.

    “This is the best improv class I have ever taken.“- Sean Monahan

    "This was the most challenging and rewarding
    class I have ever taken." Levin O'Connor

    “The Art of Slow Comedy is the most important class
    I've taken regarding improvisation.” Linda Orr

    " If you are serious about improv, this class is a must."
    - John Anderson
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  2. Default Space still available!

    There is still just a handful of spots available in Jimmy's class - call 312-664-3959 to sign up!

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    The Art of Slow Comedy is back! New class starts Saturday, August 4th. Call The Second City Training Center at 312-664-3959 to register now!

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    Any chance there will be a level 2 and a performance after??

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    Hopefully before too long. Nothing on the schedule yet!

  6. Default August 4th start - space still available

    Call the Training Center at 312-664-3959 to register!

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    Default Improvising Better

    Jimmy Carrane is the co-author of Improvising Better. To order your copy of Improvising Better go to: or Order Toll Free at 800-225-5800

  8. Default 9 days left!

    To sign up for the Art of Slow Comedy!

  9. Default Slow Comedy 1 is back!

    The info's all the same as before, but the new class will start January 19th, 2008!

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    We're now registering for the class beginning January 19th. Call 312-664-3959!

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