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Thread: Tips on writing one-person shows

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    Default Tips on writing one-person shows

    Hi Everyone,

    Anyone have any tips on writing one-person shows/plays? Or shows and plays in general?


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    I have been told to write the ending first before, I find that helpful. That way you can find a way there.
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    I found (from my experience) there are two types of solo shows to write.

    Single Character

    Multiple Character

    For me it is the most helpful to figure out WHO I am talking to (for the through line) and then decide if it is single or mult.

    From that point it seems to get a bit simpler as to the structure.

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    for me, it helped to write a ton of material, and then find a framework for it to live in later.

    then you rewrite like hell.

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    what one person shows are running at the moment? There are at least two right now in the improv/sketch scene that I can think of. Is that about right?

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    Thanks for the tips, guys! I'm going in!


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