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Thread: Let me draw your improv sets!

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    Default Sketched Comedy - Let me draw your improv sets!

    Hi, folks.

    me drawing you. eh?

    I'm Fawad Siddiqui. An improvisor, actor, journalist, artist and newbie student at iO and Second City. I've had the pleasure of meeting a number of you recently and to the rest "hallo!"

    I've got a proposition for you.

    As some of you know, over the past couple of months, I've started to sketch/draw teams while they perform Harolds and long-form improv sets at iO, and the results have been unexpectedly thrilling for me as a sketch artist and aspiring cartoonist! Namely: Quick, on-the-spot cartoon versions of the show, saving the story and major scenes, characters, etc. Fleshed out in cartoon form.

    I've stumbled across this new form of cartooning entirely by accident, but I think pretty much everyone who's seen me sketching the stuff, or whom I've had the chance to show cartoons of their work to after a set, have unanimously agreed that it's a pretty neat thing!

    It's ended up being a great way to save/record the achievements of the night, which would otherwise just be forgotten. A number of veteran improvisors I've talked to have said that they wish they could remember most of the amazing ideas and scenes and characters they've created over time.

    Well, here's an easy, simple, one-page way to do it. (And it doesn't even require much reading!)

    The experts agree:

    I'm currently drawing shows for Bullet Lounge and working on t-shirt ideas for Middle Aged Comeback. Steve Waltien of Bullet Lounge called it "a neat keepsake", and Craig Uhlir of Middle-Aged Comeback calls it "fuckin' awesome!" and not at all douchy! (He has not used the word "douche" once in reference to it. And he uses that word often.) Jason Schotts, members of Our Feature Presentation, and countless other teams have all agreed and found the work to be cool.

    (Note: these guys haven't formally condoned me to name-drop or anything, it's just so thrilling that they like the stuff!:-) hope they don't mind.)

    So, I'd like to draw your Harolds and long-form improv sets for you. Whattaya say?

    Oh, and in return, could I have some gas money, please?

    It costs me about 20 bucks (if I run the heater) to drive down from b.f.e Illinois to the city each time (50 miles north of Chicago, I kid you not) and I'm EXTRA broke right now. So I'm setting the tentative price for a piece at 20 bucks. (open to negotiation. yes, i'm that broke.) And I tend to take a couple days after to clean up the art work, scan it, etc., before sending it to the team.

    Your generous tip will go toward keeping a young improv student learning and studying the art form we all love, and not on the side of the highway pushing his car! I will also buy Cap'n Crunch's Peanut Butter Crunch with it, so as not to starve. If you are anti-Peanut Butter Crunch...I can only feel sorry for you.

    I'm free and available to come to shows anywhere!

    BUT, I can only do this for the next three weeks or so, so it's a limited time opportunity to save your work, your brilliant ideas, in a unique and fun way.


    Help me not be completely broke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Help me, improv people, you're my only hope.


    If you think this is a cool idea, or would like to try it out, lemme know! My email's, or you can call 786-299-4918.

    And for all those other cartoonist improvisors out there, (I know you must be out there, I can FEEL your presence) I strongly encourage to give this sort of thing a shot! I'd love to see your work! This has ended up being the most fulfilling form of cartooning I've done in years. And I feel like I get to give something back to the art form.


    additional note: I will be posting examples of recent harolds to this thread soon to show you what I mean.
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    Fawad's a nice person. He does indeed draw stuff, I've seen him. And if Craig Uhlir doesn't think it's douchey ... that is quite the ringing endorsement.

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    Default 'Porno' by Bullet Lounge


    A sample.

    One side of the illustration of Bullet Lounge's "Porno" done about three or four weeks ago at iO. I took my time and had fun with this one afterward and went back and added a lot of detail in the following days/weeks. Sorry about the small size here. The actual piece was on a regular sheet of paper.

    The captions read:

    "The producers of the West End's new high art Porno Theatricals mull over their next big hit....!

    "The craze reaches America, where a man tries to convince his reluctant wife to take in a show. Later, his friends encourage him to get her to watch the porno play. And a monkey passes...

    " 'cuz everything's funnier with a monkey in it.

    "Meanwhile, backstage, one of the performers has a sudden pang of conscience about their work..."

    The theatrical posters featured on the bottom are for productions of 'Great Classics of Porno Theatre' and include recreations of posters for:

    'A Raisin in the Bun'

    'Much Ado About Fuckin'

    'Our Town of Sex'

    'Bearing Child'

    'Curse of the Starving Ass'


    'True Breast'

    'Two Gentlemen of DeBoner'
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    Default 'Madame, Where Are My Pants?' by the Improvised Shakespeare Theatre Co.

    a tailor's beloved falcon scratches the king's face and is killed. the king orders all the tailors in the land executed. the tailor and his son survive. three princesses ruin each other's dresses for the ball. the king's brother burns all of his pants. his steward takes to covering the king's privates. a guard offers to kill people. one princess edges out her sisters, finds the tailor and falls in love with his son. the son entreats her to save him and his father by slaying the king at the ball. the ball arrives...and so fate intertwines them all!

    BRILLIANCE! (them, not me)

    haven't yet gone back and erased the blue lines out of this one in photoshop.
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    Default "Carmello Anthony" by Fat and Skinny

    The Fat and Skinny show, Sunday late night at iO, a three-person show that night featuring Danny Mora, Andy St. Claire, and Molly Erdman. Still cleaning this one up. Need to add one line to the last caption: "Should you rape the willing?"

    The captions read:

    "A college coach laments her recent collegiate-rape scandal at the bar.

    Flashback: "The coach instructs her players on the proper way to gang-rape a stripper. "Only rape her IF she's a stripper."

    Flashback: "The boys are unsure how to deal with the gregarious (paint) stripper at the party. Should you rape the willing?"
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    Oh, by the way, I'll be putting up various drawings of various Harolds and shows I've seen/sketched while up here.

    If your team's featured in any of em and you'd like the sketch, let me know and for a few bucks I'll send a high resolution copy to you that you can print out and paste over your naked body.

    Or whatever. I mean, anything, really.

    um. Did I mention how INCREDIBLY broke I am? So please do do that instead of just copying the image and printing out smaller versions and pasting them over your ankles. Or some other smaller subdivision of your body.

    a-thank you.

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    Default "Porno" by Bullet Lounge, part 2, finally

    Finally got the drawing on the second page of Bullet Lounge's Porno finished! (Took forever to get the Joy Luck Club poster done.) Still cleaning the blue lines out of it in photoshop, but here's the scan so far. I added it to the original Porno post above.

    The captions read:

    "Elsewhere the games of the 29th Sex Olympics...have"

    (The referee shouts "I wanna clean fuck!" and the poster behind reads "Coitus Olympiad")

    "Back on Broadway, the man finally convinces his wife to attend an avant garde porno, with mixed results. And nearby, an old stage legend is rediscovered after years of self imposed exile!"

    (The sign behind the man reads "Malcolm's Theatrical Donuts")

    "But will an unexpected chance at the play that got away shatter his domestic bliss and pull him back into the world of...PORNO???"

    Play posters (all based on actual movie posters/book covers):

    Titty Andronicus

    A Tale of Two Clitties


    Little Shop of Whores

    Where the Red Poon Grows

    The Englishman Who Went Up A Hill But Came Down A Mountain Fuckin' a Broad

    and finally...

    The Joy Fuck Club


    also, here's a drawing of a scene from the recent Middle Aged Comeback show, "Orphan"

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    Thumbs up Let him!

    Fawad did two drawings for my team this weekend and they are incredible! Please check out his work and support his art. It is really great work.

    thanks so much Fawad!
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    Fawad drew up a Don't Spit the Water this Saturday, and the early sketch just looks incredible. This is a great way to commemorate a performance, and I highly recommend it!

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    Default oh snap! THANKS!!!! :)

    oh my GOD, i didn't realize you guys posted this on here! thank you SO much, john and steev, for the kind words and the honor of letting me draw/watch your fantastic improv/game show stuff.

    i'd also like to thank Fuacata! and All Skate at the Playground for taking me on to do stuff for them, too. Please know the drawings are in progress and the imagery i'm getting the chance to try and draw is fantastic! (i'm currently working on panels of a guy in a bunny suit getting hit on by a hot girl, bums selling street wise, roller skating men with nunchucks, salsa dancers, hillbillies with aliens and angel's in their toolshed, and a gang of immortal graverobbers, to name just some.)

    don't worry, i have not taken your twenty dollars and flown off to the bahamas and you will get the stuff soon, i promise. i'm particularly proud of how the Fuacata drawing is turning out.

    of course, thanks also to bullet lounge (i mispelled conscience), middle aged comeback (i mispelled shovel), improvised shakespeare and the entire friggin chicago improv scene for encouraging me in trying to figure this stuff out.

    and last of all, thanks to the academy.

    and just so's you don't think i'm some kinda lazy bum,

    Work in progress:

    currently, i'm drawing/working on drawings of shows FOR:

    Bullet Lounge
    All Skate
    Don't Spit the Water
    Cutlass Supreme
    Virgin Daiqiris
    (for those who can do maths, that means 120 bigs ones! oh YEAH!)

    and i've also drawn/am working on images of shows OF:

    Our Feature Presentation - "Wallmart Sleeper Cell", "My Professor Looked at Me Funny"
    Improvised Shakespeare - "The Life and Death of a Mime"
    Fat and Skinny - "Outter Space"
    Cook County Social Club - "Jail"
    Diplomat Motel - "Liar"
    JCCR - "Carousel"
    The Reckoning - "Friends", "Self Made Man", "Racetrack"
    TJ & Dave
    Armando Diaz - "Daisies"
    Promise Keepers - "Triangular Prism"
    Stottlemeir - "Hot Pocket"
    Hunter Family Crest - "Math"
    Carl & The Passions - "Chalupa"
    The Deltones - "Church"

    if you're from one of those teams and want it, lemme know? okay? Okay.

    thanks again, really.

    --Mr. Fawiggles

    (did i mention i'm BROKE?)
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