I lead a comedy sketch team called Character Assassination who's looking for a new home. We finished 2 runs at the Annoyance Theatre and are looking for a theatre or show who can give us some regular stage time. Not to brag, but we kind of effing rock.

We have several hours worth of material, can cut it down to 20-30 mins if needed. We are constantly trying new material; and it's mostly focused on setting large characters in familiar settings

(IE, foul-mouthed guidos exchanging wedding vows, perky camp counselors at a Syrian Refugee Camp, a support group for people who have to deal with the anxieties of being crazy hot, a CVS self-checkout machine who falls in love with her customers, and sluts who start a non-profit to offer fellatio to US servicemen)

We rarely had a show that didn't sell to at least 6-15 people in the Annoyance and as our popularity spreads we know we will continue gaining attention. Our youtube page is here, please take a look at some of our work and let us know if we're a good fit. Answer: we are.


Tarryl Benedetto