Casting three actors (two females/one male) for a spec commercial filming this Saturday, January 21st in Wicker Park. We will be holding an informal casting session on Friday if enough applicants reach out, but will be accepting video submissions due to the short time remaining before the shoot.

Breakfast/Lunch will be provided, an HD copy of the finished spot, and $100 for work. Filming as of right now will be between 8/9-3:30pm, and is still being tightened up. Small crew, indoor shoot.

Script/Specs attached in link below.

E-mail: with headshot/resume and role you wish to audition for. Feel free to read on camera and send video submission to expedite process.


Casual, attractive, approachable. Confident, exudes a sense of great taste. Think Wicker Park creative class that just had kids.

Reference: Cecily Strong

Slightly straighter tone compared to wife. Attractive. Less confident but still appreciates style. Very competitive about social status. In friends business.

Reference: Julie Bowen


Schlubby, awkward, still believable that he's married to WIFE. A comedian/film nerd type that delivers some cynicism.

Reference: Younger Patton Oswalt.

Attached is a link for the script/casting specs: