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    To get right to it, here are the improv topics I concentrate on the most:

    Storytelling. Long-form narrative and scene work with a beginning, middle, and end - I am especially passionate about exploring ways to bringing closure to scenes, ways of ending performances that are satisfying to both players and the audience.

    Characters Changing Characters. First looking at ways to build characters out of your comfort zone and later, a concentration on how characters can alter each other whether it be through status transactions, if/when/how to give up your character's POV or something altogether different.

    Improv Habits. So much of what we learn is about controlling our fear - fear of losing control, fear of not knowing what happens next and of course, fear of not getting any laughs. Like many before me, I believe the audience will be moved to laughter (and maybe even anger, sadness and quiet delight) if we do our jobs right and play honestly, intelligently, humbly and bravely.

    Pricing: Low. Yey!

    Workshops. Available to groups upon request. As I'm beginning the Chicago chapter of my teaching journey, I'll only be asking for enough to cover space rental and a modest fee - $5 - $15 depending on how long the workshop lasts.

    Coaching. Pricing will be similar to workshops, subject to time required (duration/quantity of the rehearsals/performances). Feel free to try out a workshop before committing to a coach-team relationship!

    As an FYI, I am based out of Old Town. For more information on pricing, improv topics, or anything else to see if we're a right fit, please contact:

    About Me
    I first started studying and performing improv 11 years ago in Tokyo, Japan (Yes, that's right) and later also in Chicago and Chattanooga (fun to read, even more to say!). My training includes studying with a group called the Tokyo Comedy Store, the incomparable Keith Johnstone and completing the Second City Conservatory, Second City Musical Conservatory, the improv program at iO Chicago as well as too many workshops to count, including Jet's Physical Workshop and Jimmy's The Art of Slow Comedy (both highly recommended!). Of course, having such an unusual improv origin story is a double-edged sword: what I teach is not entirely Chicago-based, or even US-based but a strange mix of what I've learned here and abroad. Which I guess is part of why I'm doing this, in the hopes that I can offer something new to the conversation. No doubt you are checking out other coaches and teachers (and if not, you should! There is a lot of great stuff being offered). If what you've read about what I do lights you up the most, well then...I guess I'm your huckleberry.

    Thank you for your time,
    Ren Bautista
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