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    Looks like we should follow up last year's interesting season (I can't think of anyone pre-season last year that projected Auburn vs. Oregon for the national title) with another. Seems like Oklahoma is the favorite this year, but I don't think anyone would be surprised to see them lose. LSU-Oregon is a huge game to kick-off the season. Wisconsin & Mississippi State are both in action tonight though i can't see either coming close to losing to UNLV or Memphis.

    I'm still debating LSU & Oregon.

    I think Georgia probably pulls off the "upset" over Boise at home but that should be a great game.

    Other Week 1 upset alerts: #15 TCU @ Baylor on Friday. #18 Notre Dame vs. South Florida
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    Well, I'm certainly pulling for LSU, being a Louisiana native, but the Jordan Jefferson suspension could certainly affect things. Lee is competent, though, so we'll see.
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