View Full Version : Gingers Invites anyone and everyone to come play on the 22nd!!!!!

12-08-2008, 07:45 PM
For the first time ever Gingers Improv Ale House will be having a Christmas set! For all of you improvisers that are not going home Gingers welcomes you! On Monday 12/22 anyone and everyone is welcome to come take part in a Christmas Improv Set with Matt Lang, Dan Bloom and Justin Franzen. Please send an e-mail to gingersimprov@gmail.com if you wanna perform or just show up!!!!!! Letting people know is polite and hopefully your mama taught you to do so. But we won't judge you either way. Come play and have fun on the 22nd

Happy Holidays!
Gingers Improv Ale House
Dan Bloom, Matt Lang and Justin Franzen