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Chemically Imbalanced
11-16-2008, 04:42 PM
CIC is seeking production staff for our upcoming production of Cartoon, set to open in April.

Info on the show:

Join the exploits of a band of mismatched cartoon stereotypes on a wild ride through this animated world, Presented in the style of a Commedia dell’Arte scenario gone berserk, Cartoon is a devilishly violent social commentary that explores the rapid coalescence of media, politics and consumer giants. A young, idealistic upstart named Trouble steals the giant hammer that Esther, the bratty dictator, uses to maintain a monotonous but peaceful order. Chaos ensues. Bombs explode. Puppets are set free. Anime girls fight. And as the bodies pile up, the violence begins to creep off the stage and into the audience. There’s nothing like a punch in the face to really get the blood moving.


Projection Design (animation a plus but if you can drop swf files into your design than no problem) we will also need projector.

Costume Designer (we have a large stock to pull from but will need one or two things constructed)

Lighting Designer (we will also need a follow spot op, hoping our designer can do both)

All positions are paid flat stipens for the project.

Production staff currently in place:

Director: Angie McMahon
Composer: Jay Gish
Sound Design: Mark Beers
Fight Choreoghrapher/blood design: Missy Styles and Nathan Petts

Please email resume and letter of intent to angie (at) cicomedy.com

Thanks for the support.