View Full Version : BINGO BANGO CHICAGO: seekin' acts

11-14-2008, 06:32 PM
Do you enjoy spending Tuesday evenings in a cozy bar with an older Eastern European woman? So do we.
Enter the variety show known as "Bingo Bango Chicago" at Silvie's Bar.
Matt Griffo and I host this show that contains 3 acts- either improv, stand-up, music, spoken word, whatever ya got- followed by a 5-person-sign-up Open Mic. It's every other Tuesday at 8pm, it's free, and yes, there is a Dance Break.

If you are in town for the holidays and would like to perform, we have availability on the following dates:

Nov. 25th
Dec. 23rd

E-mail bingo.bango.chicago@gmail.com to sign on up and show your stuffs.