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11-04-2008, 07:49 AM
A one of a kind workshop for brave experienced actors/improvisers.
Deepen your acting skills by taking the focus off of the funny!

Dramatic Improv 1 with Tim O'Malley

Students create scenes through improvisation with a strict emphasis on the emotional truth and drama of the moment,"playing it straight". Inner character conflict is developed as well as a focus on 3 dimensional characters in a longer 20 minute settings.


*Assists the student in being comfortable in not going for laughs, but the truth. Students will learn to find their own way out of the scene through acquiescence to the scene and their responsibilty to act in truth.

*Getting the student to be comfortable playing the scene straight and true.Learning that incidental humor is produced through the characters humanness.

*Short form and long form pieces in story (The Play)with consistent high drama content.

*Create a dramatic improv ensemble

Dramatic Improv Student Requirements
Bachelors in Theater and or
*One Year experience on stage
*Recommendation Letters from Chicago based Faculty
*Level 3 Conservatory
*Grad from Improv Olympic

Call The Second City Training Center to sign up for January 09 Session.
This term class is full.
By Phone
Call: 312-664-3959
by e mail

11-15-2008, 04:38 AM
Please call the Training Center and ask when the next clas starts
Tim O