View Full Version : HAPPY DEADLINE DAY! Last Chance to Apply for Chicago SketchFest 2009!

10-15-2008, 05:42 PM
TODAY<wbr> is the deadl<wbr>ine for submi<wbr>tting<wbr> an appli<wbr>catio<wbr>n for the 2009 Chica (http://ChicagoSketchFest.com)<wbr>go Sketc (http://ChicagoSketchFest.com)<wbr>hFest (http://ChicagoSketchFest.com)<wbr>! Appli<wbr>catio<wbr>ns must be postm<wbr>arked<wbr> by Octob<wbr>er 15th!

If you haven<wbr>'t sent in your app yet, get it in the mail TODAY<wbr>!

If you'<wbr>re havin<wbr>g a probl<wbr>em or you have any quest<wbr>ions,<wbr> pleas<wbr>e conta<wbr>ct Jill Valen<wbr>tine at (<wbr>773) 539-<wbr>4596 or jill@<wbr>chica<wbr>goske<wbr>tchfe<wbr>st.<wbr>net.

Don'<wbr>t miss your chanc<wbr>e to be a part of the world<wbr>'s large<wbr>st sketc<wbr>h comed<wbr>y festi<wbr>val!