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10-13-2008, 08:12 PM
Tired of other people telling you when and where you get to perform? Have a great idea for show but donít know how to go from there? Hereís the workshop for you!!

Producing Your Own Show

This one-night only workshop is designed for people who wish to produce their own shows in Chicago. Great for the first-time producer or someone wishing to get their productions up to the next level, this workshop is taught by Jason R. Chin. The class will consist of a short lecture with materials and a free-flowing discussion.

Attendees will receive help with their current and upcoming shows. Class syllabus includes topics such as Choosing A Show, Press Contacts, Publicity Stunts, Actually Making Money, and many more!

November 5, 2008
Wednesday @ 7pm
Sheil Park - 3505 N. Southport
$60 per attendee.

For more information please contact Jason (jasonrchin@gmail.com).

Jason Chin is teaching this class. But he doesn't like writing in the third person.
Hi. I'm teaching this workshop. I've been teaching long-form improv in Chicago for the past 12 years, 8 of those years I was the Director of the Training Center for the iO theater where I helped to create its curriculum. I have coached the teams Deep Schwa, Mike Helicopter and the Rabble. I have created/directed the long-forms shows Our Feature Presentation, Dinner for Six, and Whirled News Tonight. I perform with the Armando Diaz show, Lindbergh Babies and 3033 (sound/lights).

I have produced many shows here in Chicago (including the ones mentioned above). Currently running, I have Yes, We Canít The Whirled News Tonight Sketch Show (recently featured in Time Out Chicago), Friday the Halloweenth (recently featured on MetroMix and the Chicago Sun-Times) and Whirled News Tonight (recently featured in the McKinney Texas Gazette).

I'm starting to offer my own line of classes to further the art of long-form improvisation. I'm not interested in just maintaining the status quo; I'd like to see the art-form and its practitioners evolve and explore the medium. If this is something that appeals to you, please join me.

If you have any questions or comments, you can e-mail me or send me a message through this board.

Thanks for reading.

10-25-2008, 07:36 PM
Group rates are available as well. This workshop is next month!!

10-27-2008, 02:45 PM
Im interested on your crazy wkshp...email me

aka the Nord

10-27-2008, 02:58 PM
For more information please contact Jason (jasonrchin@gmail.com).
See above.