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Flabby H.
10-13-2008, 05:43 PM
Full length Mockumentary/Quasi-Documentary seeks improvisers and comedians of all types as subjects. Filming to commence at the tail end of this month (weekend shoots only) and to continue throughout November. Submissions and inquiries should be sent to info@flabbyhoffman.com including an attachment of your headshot/resume or link to webpage where appropriate.

Concept features brief interviews of people using questions not covered by mainstream media. The topics will include political and cultural questions infused with tons of humor and satire (at least we will try to infuse some). The goal is to be entertaining and not preachy, but to get people to think in the process about the boundaries that a myopic media view imposes on all of our perspectives. Think Noam Chomsky’s/Manufacturing Consent produced by Monty Python circa 1971.

The production side is simple. We will be interviewing as many people on camera as possible and editing the best of into an hour and a half full length film. Therefore most of the casting and rehersal/run through/workshopping process is unnecessary. Other than a review of your headshot and resume (or webpage if available) and a brief phone screening, there is nothing much required of you to be involved (and this can be a myspace or facebook profile if that's all you've got right now). In fact the filming itself will consist of an interview which would take you all of about 10 minutes. As an additional incentive, those not included in the movie will likely be included in our local TV series.

This project is produced as part of the Flabby Hoffman productions which include a weekly local TV series (500 hours of programming produced), a weekly internet radio series with Fearless Radio and a touring nightclub show known as The Flabby Hoffman Caravan (close to 300 shows booked, produced and promoted at clubs throughout Chicago).

Also a brief FYI, for those with other productions they are involved/believe in, keep in mind that the TV series and radio show are available and happily at the ready to help promote your personal pet projects as well.

Join us on a never ending quest to bring a more resonant level of visibility to those marginalized by mainstream corporate media and the misanthropes running it who seek to bone all humanity.


Todd Berns
Flabby Hoffman