View Full Version : This could affect you one day.. Show some support.

10-09-2008, 06:03 PM
Hey folks, our local Cook County Sheriff is making a stand against the banks. If you have not seen this on the news or in the paper you can check it here on CNN.com


LINK - CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2008/US/10/08/chicago.evictions/index.html)

Honestly, it could happen to any renter since we have no idea if our landlords are paying their mortgage even though we pay our rent on time. Technically the banks are right and he is breaking the law by not severing a court order (I used to serve subpoena's for a living so I have some insight here.) but all our Sheriff is saying is that they need to find out if the resident they are evicting is the actual holder of the mortgage or a tenant. If they are a tenant then all he is saying is they should have 120 days to find a new home.

That's better than being a family suddenly on the street with no home.

I called and asked how I could support the Sheriff and his decision? The lady at his office said that the best way was to email him a note saying what county I lived in and that I supported his choice. They are going to collect these since they will need then to show the people are on his side.

If you do support this as I do then send an email later today (they are trying to clean out his email right now.. She said to wait until 2pm or so.)

Here is the email address -

Sheriff Thomas J. Dart