View Full Version : If you never done improv, then this workshop is for you!

Jimmy Carrane
08-22-2008, 09:04 PM
Unleash your creativity and become more spontaneous in your all areas of your life!

In one day, learn how to play like you did in third grade.
With no judgement.
With pure joy.
With freedom.
And tons and tons of laughter.

That is what this ONE DAY IMPROV WORKSHOP is all about.
Finding your voice, connecting with others and giving yourself permission to make mistakes, so that you can
create beyond your imagination!
All without shame.
Without fear.

Next Workshop is: Sunday, Sept. 28th from 11-4 p.m.
Location: 3 Pear Studio at 5219 N. Clark Street
Space is Limited! Fee is $175.00
Early Admission is $150.00 by September 1, 08
Call Today at 773-728-1514 or e-mail: jcarrane@aol.com

“Jimmy Carrane is a natural, giving, warm, encouraging and fun teacher. He genuinely seems to enjoy what he's doing and what he gets back from the class, and this infuses the workshop with a contagious joy. I can't say enough about what a fantastic experience it was to take his class! So come talk to me! I'll say more!”
-Betsy Crane

"I decided to take Jimmy's class even thought I had no acting or improv experience and not knowing anything at all about improv and what to expect in his class. Through Jimmy's guidance and instruction he led all of us through a really great, very fun and rewarding experience. It was a blast ! I would highly recommend it to anyone and do it again in a hot New York second !"
-Tamara Davis

“Whether you are in theater, voice over, or just someone who needs to play a bit, Jimmy’s workshops will inspire and challenge you. They are simply not to be missed.”
-Lara Vander Ploeg

Jimmy Carrane is co-author of Improvising Better: A Guide to the Working Improviser. He is the host of Studio 312 on Chicago Public Radio. In addition to teaching The Art of Slow Comedy at The Second City, he has taught at IO-Chicago, The Annoyance and Victory Gardens. He currently plays with Carl and The Passions at iO and his film and TV credits includes Public Enemies, ER, Natural Born Killers, Early Edition, and Stash.