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iO Chicago
08-18-2008, 10:15 PM
If you need a refresher or a writing packet then we have some classes for you!

If you are a graduate of the 5B performances, you can take any regular improv class for 1/2 price.
*Level 5 THE FORM LEVEL will be offered at Noon in the DCT on Saturday with Annoyance Co-Founder and iO Alum Joe Bill.

*Level 5B THE PERFORMANCE LEVEL will be offered at 7pm in the Harold Room on Thursdays with resident Guru Noah Gregoropoulos. He was not gonna offer one this session, but we decided to make room for re-takers.

We are also offering some Writing Electives (at full price)...

Level 1 - Talk Show Portfolio with Nate Herman
Learn to write jokes (or two-liners) based upon the events of a given week. From this basic skill, the student heightens and explores the process into writing monologues and then onto the more formidable process of creating all the elements for a state-of-the-art portfolio, suitable for submission to a given talk show in pursuit of a TV writing job, or to an agent in pursuit of literary representation.
Cost: $300 Wednesdays at 6pm starting 8/27

Level 2 - Sketch Writing with Nate Herman
Learn to write sketches, after the style of “Saturday Night Live,” using the show’s current cast. The basic components of a typical episode of SNL becomes the elements for the students’ own SNL portfolio: Cold Opening sketches, monologues, Weekend Update pieces, TV and film parodies, cast pieces, digital shorts, etc… With a special emphasis on rewriting and marketing said packet in the later half of this eight week course.
Cost: $300 Mondays at 6pm starting 8/25

Writing for the Stage with Jim Carlson
This eight week elective will focus on writing a sketch comedy using the iO method of long form ensemble based improvisation and other tested techniques used in writing sketch comedy. You will write scenes during this class to be performed on Monday nights before Armando. The class will improvise and re-improvise scenes and write scenes from improvised ideas. You will be forced to trust your own instincts, and those of your ensemble members, while initiating bold scenes based on improvised material. It will allow you to improvise a scene, take a note, try the scene again applying the note, and discover what comes next. This class will be based on spontaneity as well as calculation. The first two weeks will be spent improvising in class on Friday, and creating ensemble. The last six weeks will involve class on Fridays and a show on Monday nights to try out material. There is a possibility that the Monday show might develop in to a run upstairs at iO. There will be a three week period of evaluation, then iO will decide. You must have completed at least Level 3 of iO Training or if you haven’t completed level 3 at iO, then you should have completed at least a minor in theater or the entire program at Annoyance or the conservatory at 2nd City.
Cost: $300 Fridays at 7pm starting 8/29

Call 773-880-9993 to register.