View Full Version : Need opening improv teams

08-12-2008, 04:33 PM
Hey everyone, Williams & Martinez has a run at the Playground. We consist of Lindsay Williams and Claudia Martinez. sounds about right, huh?
These are the dates:
Nov. 10 - Dec. 22
Monday nights at 10pm

We need opening teams. Here's a little bit more about what we need from you guys:
Each team is required to bring in 5-6 audience members at $5 a ticket(including ourselves). So before the show starts each team will bring $30 in small bills (for box office change) at the close of the night you'll get your share back according to the audience you've brought in. So if you bring in 6 people you'll get all your money back. The idea is to have an audience to play to. We hope to expect a hefty audience so if you're short and there's random walk-ins or what have you, we'll split them among the both opening teams.

Please email me at u2lindsay@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you!!!

-Lindsay Dub