View Full Version : Auditions Next Stop Nedsville - looking for Improvisers who are also Cancer Survivors

Eric the fred
08-04-2008, 07:37 AM
This is actually a pre-audition post, but you heard right.

Serious inquiries only.

I am looking for people in Chicagoland who are both Improvisers and Cancer Survivors (people who have had treatment for cancer), for the purpose of forming a longform team.

Like, take me for instance. I have been improvising on and off since 1998 and last year I also had a brush with cancer, as I like to call it.

So if that is you, just email me at eroth001@aol.com I want to see how many of us there are. Lets get together a few times and see how we gel.

PS - the purpose is not to make jokes about cancer. The purpose is to have fun, do a show well and present a positive image of cancer survivors.

Eric the fred,
Stage IIIc Colon Cancer Survivor
1-year N.E.D.

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Eric the fred
08-07-2008, 12:36 AM

I am happy to report that a few people have responded already. A few more, and we will have a nice group. I just want to point out that when I said I was interested in creating a longform team, that is my preference, but it isnt written in stone. I prefer to do a show which allows characters to develop and a story to unfold. A slow easy-going Harold is what I would prefer. However I dont want to deter others who are into short form and sketch. So please, respond if you fit the bill - and once we see how many of us there are, we can go from there. Also, I can see that quite a few people have read this post, so feel free to respond here with any suggestions, ideas, etc.

The plan right now is to continue to seek out people for a few more weeks, and then set a date for us to get together.

thanks much