View Full Version : Rental Discounts and Referral discounts for TM Studios!

02-21-2011, 07:06 PM
Theatre Momentum is announcing a discount for rental of our rehearsal studios! See our rentals calendar (http://theatremomentum.com/rentals.htm) to find out upcoming availability, and grab these deals while they're hot.

Up-front payment rentals- as low as $8/hr!
Through March 5th, we are offering a discount of up to $2/hr for up-front rental payment. If you schedule 4-7 weeks rental (8-15 hours) and pay for the entire time up front before February 5th, your rental rate will go down to $9/hr. If you rent 8-12 weeks (16-36 hours) and pay in advance before the 5th, it goes down to $8/hr.

Referral bonuses- as low as $7/hr!
If you have friends who are looking for rehearsal space, refer them to us and get $1/group/hr off your regular $10/hr rental rate. The new group must schedule a minimum of 6 weeks (12 hours) to qualify, and yes, if this is another group you are in, you may apply the referral to your original group. The incoming group cannot apply any discounts to their initial 12 hours. Your rental discount will apply for up to 12 hours of your group's rental, and you may receive a referral discount for up to 3 groups, potentially bringing your rent down to $7/hr! This is an ongoing rental promotion.

Weekday daytime rentals- $8/hr!
We have tons of weekday daytime availability, so if you have a rehearsal Monday-Friday, ending anytime before 5 PM, your rental rate is just $8/hr! This is also an ongoing rental promotion.

We don't often give our rental discounts, so take advantage of these while you can. None of these discounts can be combined, so please pick the one most appropriate to your group. If your group has already scheduled rehearsals, please drop us a line about taking advantage of these discounts.

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